Why The 5 Hour School Week?

Why The 5 Hour School Week?

Here we are in our Mid 30’s and I gotta be honest, I’m just really hitting my stride in life. Luckily with every passing year I feel I get a better grip on who I was created to be.

Another moment of honesty: I did not take the easy road to get to this place. I made this whole life thing so much more complicated then it needed to be for the first 30 years. And quite honestly I made it more difficult by doing everything I thought I was “supposed” to do.

I never stopped to ask who came up with the “supposed to’s” All these things we just sort of fall into doing because….well….I guess because our parents did it that way. Or our friends do it that way. The people on TV do it this way, so I “should” too. I’m pretty sure my list of “should’s” though was fairly thorough by the time I was going into Jr. High.

Survive the next 6 years, to graduate.

Go to College, so I can find myself and what I want to be.

Get married and have a few perfect children.

Work 8-5 and have a nice vacation every summer.

And I tried. But I always had a sneaking suspicion that there were more than the “shoulds”.

The bummer is it took me far too many years to really stop and question this life in the safe lane. And while I will never regret the journey, it has left me with some amazing stories. I think a part of me wishes I would have known more. Had a little more of the information before jumping so blindly into big life decisions.

Because here’s the reality:

When I think back about the biggest moments in my life: all my biggest wins, my biggest fails….very little of what I needed for those moments had been taught to me in school. And now here I am fumbling around, trying to figure out how to raise 4 little humans, and I had to stop and question what are they learning and why?

Why was I dropping our kids off for 7 hours a day, only to pick them up cranky and exhausted.

After being a mom for 8 years I realized the school was getting the best of my kids, I was getting the leftovers.

But isn’t that just life? Kids go to school, its like a rule or something I thought. Seriously growing up I had heard about a homeschooled kid, and what I heard was strange. Going to school was just what you do, its what is “normal”….homeschooling was “weird” and just like that the lines were drawn.

But lines can be moved! Or hasn’t anyone told you that?!

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect” Mark Twain

A quote that popped up on my facebook thread one day and it shook my world instantly. I needed to gather more information! I needed to pause and reflect! Was there a solution and a different way for our kids to learn? An environment they would thrive, learn and feel passion to experience new things.

Well guys, maybe you already knew this but I just didn’t!


We have so many choices when it comes to our kids education. There are so many cool things happening in the education world, and I really hadn’t heard of most of them.

So here’s what I do: I take all the concepts I love from all the cool working models that are already out there and I make it part of our curriculum! Yup I took my kids out of school, became a “weird” homeschool mama and named it the 5 Hour School Week.

I’m excited to share our adventures, lessons, and lifestyle with you!


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