The actual cost of a classroom

The actual cost of a classroom

It’s pretty apparent we live in a world that struggles to accept alternate truths and opinions.
We act as though we have absolute answers to complex topics. If someone disagrees with what we “know” to be true we typically respond in unhealthy and even harmful ways.
My heart breaks with how angry of a nation we’ve become.
I have to ask why?
Why have we become so closed minded?
Why are we so quick to anger and judgement?
Why are we living in the land of the free and still many feel so oppressed?
Why are we becoming more anxious and angry and less happy with each passing year?
I have a theory.
It will be unpopular but I urge you to have an open mind for just a few minutes!
 We are ignoring the fact that anger and hostility are actually secondary emotions stemming from fear and shame. We are a scared and shamed nation! Reacting to these feelings in unhealthy and dangerous ways, and I believe we are conditioned to be that way from a very young age! I believe our first experiences with these feelings begin in the classroom.
The institution of school itself conditions us to all know the exact same thing. We are all taught out of the same books, we all are subject to the same lessons and curriculum. We rarely question this system and we never ask at what cost?
I think by looking at the current state of our country this price should be apparent. We are a society conditioned to know only what someone else teaches, we are not taught to think for ourselves, and I believe this is breeding fear! I believe our kids are shamed for creativity and uniqueness, forced to stay within the lines and sacrifice their dreams to appease the majority.
We don’t even realize that many of our absolute truths were handed to us by someone we called teacher or parent. We just simply adopted them as our own. If anyone questions these given truths we adamantly, even aggressively disagree with them. I believe many of us our fighting battles we are often unsure of why we are even fighting in the first place!
We are combusting in a system that is unable to open their minds to the possibility that maybe not everything handed to us throughout our childhood is actual truth, or at the very least the ONLY truth! We have had our ability to independently think, to create and to imagine crushed from a very young age. We have been shamed for questioning the system or stepping outside the box.
We are primarily taught that there is one correct answer to every problem and there is only one way to get there… this is simply untrue!

I have learned that many of the truths handed to me as a child added very little value to living the life I actually wanted! In fact many of them created roadblocks to my happiness. I had to find my own truths, form my own opinions and find my own way to build the life I was truly created for!
A few new beilefs for me include:
I believe that I am the sum of the people I hang out with.
I believe that I am on a constant journey of growth and that I will actively pursue learning until the day I am unable! This doesn’t stop because I have attained a degree or passed a test.
 I believe that to make big change in our world we often have to do really uncomfortable stuff. That walking through fear is required!
I believe not everyone will like me, agree with me or understand me.
Most importantly I believe that I can’t let the people in the “cheap seats” with the small dreams have an influence on my BIG life.
I believe that a mediocre life is not an option!
Finding beliefs that were authentic to who I am was not easy, in fact it was painful and confusing, none of this was taught to me as a child.
My parents taught what they knew. They completed the amount of education needed for the career they wanted. A police officer and teacher (ironic I guess LOL!) and then they did that. They earned a salary, health insurance and a vacation a year. It was safe and consistent for the most part.  I grew up in simple but nice homes, went to public schools in nice neighborhoods, full of middle class families just like mine. I was encouraged to get a degree and find my career just as my parents had done. Everyone I knew was on the same path, from similar homes with similar beliefs…why would I question it? Emotionally I struggled as a kid, I can now attribute a lot of my insecurities and unhappiness as a child to the fact I was filled with fear and shame; never able to “fit in the box” the way I felt others wanted me to.
I fear this lifestyle, breeds mediocrity, and is the story for much of our population. When in fact we are NOT created to be mediocre, we were made for much much more!
We were not made to jump through hoops! The finish line is NOT the college degree. The finish line is NOT the 9-5 job. What if I told you that there is NO finish line! What if everyday you woke up and your only goal was to be the best version of yourself and serve the greater good! To find success and happiness simultaneously!  To never stop learning or growing! Even better, what if we raised our kids this way?!
What if at 18 our kids knew all the things we are just now realizing is the true definition of success? What if instead of sitting in desks to learn 1 version of 1 systems truth, our kids knew how to seek out truth. What if our kids knew THEY were the sum of the 5 people they hung out with and that their life was more important then someone’s opinion of them!?! Can you imagine the amount of POWERFUL global change that could be had if we raise up humans that actually knew their worth. Truly believed they had the ability to be world changers! Could independently  seek answers to hard question! Can you believe that by simply eliminating fear and shame our country could dramatically change? I DO!!!
I’m not talking some hippie,  unrealistic philosophy! I’m talking about literally allowing our kids to be free thinkers, to be independent learners, to be experts in emotional intelligence! What if we taught our kids to dream of more then jumping through hoops and checking the box. Instead we create environments and opporutunites to step into the life they were created for without fear and shame!
Listen I get it!
I get that it’s confusing and scary. I don’t have all the answers or consider myself an expert in anyway. I’m a mom that wants better for my kids. By better I mean more self aware, more confident, more focused on adding value to their lives and this planet. I’m a human that wants to raise my kids in a world not controlled by fear and shame!  If we actually want change we are going to have to start doing the hard things instead of continuing to do what we’ve always done!

8 thoughts on “The actual cost of a classroom”

  1. Valerie says:

    Well said! I agree with you totally! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Love it Kaleena!

  3. Brandy says:

    This is so good and I couldn’t agree more! Thank you for being so courageous and sharing this controversial message that the world needs to hear!

  4. Rebecca says:

    Where have you been my whole life ????
    Beautiful and affirming to me. Thank you
    Rebecca ( homeschool Mama to two Blessings)

  5. Ofelia says:

    I think you read my mind !!

  6. Tracy says:

    Well written 👏👏👏 All of it is

  7. Gilda says:

    Hi there! Such a good post, thanks!

  8. I would like to thnkx for the efforts you have put in writing this blog. I am hoping the same high-grade blog post from you in the upcoming as well. In fact your creative writing abilities has inspired me to get my own blog now. Really the blogging is spreading its wings quickly. Your write up is a good example of it.

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