Get to know us!

Get to know us!


Entrepreneurial by nature Aaron has built several successful business (of course with his fair share of total fails) over the last 10 years. However his real passion is creating big memories with his family. Motivated by leaving a legacy of no regrets, instilling the importance of service and life style innovation Aaron is the leader of this crazy tribe. He stresses the importance of not taking ourselves too seriously and that having fun along the way is crucial. A present and active member of the 5 Hour School Week, he teaches us to live life really big and to love unconditionally.


A recovering workaholic Kaleena walked away from her busy real estate business to step into a role she had never imagined….becoming a homeschool mama and buidling the 5 Hour School Week! With a passion for travel and adventure she turns everyday lessons into exciting and inpactful family memories. Kaleena is always seeking personal self growth and loves the life long journey of learning, cultivating meaningful relationships and seeking to inspire. Half way across the world or at home snuggled with kids on the couch, this mom loves living a big life and creating magical memories with her family.


The kid that made us parents. This girl is always ready for a great adventure, is an avid hiker, and loves the great outdoors. She is creative beyond measure, with an ability to turn trash into treasures. Her heart for helping others and solid faith inspires others regularly. Maddie embraces the 5 Hour School week with a passion and creativity beyond anything we could have hoped for. No doubt she will be a world changer one day with her love on entrepreneurship and hunger to create!


Kiddo #2 is a true original. She lights up the room the moment she walks into it with her huge personality and smile. A bit of a jokester with the best sense of humor Charlotte has an energy that draws people to her. She has a love for soccer, traveling, and ice cream. An independent student who always does more then is asked of her with a great attitude.


The baby girl of this crazy tribe! Izzy knows exactly who she is and is not afraid to own it. Determined and understands the importance of a good hustle, this girl keeps us all on our toes. Passionate about fashion, all things that sparkle,  and has the biggest heart for babies. She is a passionate learner that sets a pace that is perfect for herself and is learning in the most beautiful independent way.


The baby boy that completes this bunch! He brings joy to everyone who meets him, especially his sisters. He likes to spend endless hours outside, swimming and chasing charlotte throughout the house. His laugh is contagious and his cuddles are healing. He loves dinosaurs, robots and his mama.